Heraldlly: startup roast and review.

Heraldlly: startup roast and review.


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Welcome to Heraldlly, the definitive source for discovering, dissecting, and deliberating on the latest startups shaping the ever-evolving technology landscape. Derived from the term "herald," our mission is to serve as a messenger, shining a spotlight on innovative new companies while providing our readers with astute analysis and candid evaluations.

In each issue, we delve into the exciting world of emerging tech startups, offering a comprehensive overview of their products and services, scrutinizing their business models, and forecasting their potential for success. Our incisive commentaries cut through the hype, providing you with the critical insights you need to make informed decisions about which startups deserve your attention and investment.

At Heraldlly, we believe that honest, constructive criticism is essential for fostering a comprehensive understanding of the startup world. Our unique blend of frank assessments and in-depth analysis sets us apart, as we tackle the highs and lows of the startup world with clarity and precision.

Join us on this journey as we navigate the dynamic world of technology and entrepreneurship, empowering you to stay ahead of the curve, identify untapped opportunities, and make confident choices in an increasingly competitive market.

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now that you've read past the AI-generated text, let's get real.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think every startup idea should be pursued.

over the past few years and more recent months, I've seen a bunch of startups come up only to fail because their business was never viable in the first place.

only if the founders had a friend that could look them in the eye and give it to them straight enough, they could've made better choices, pivoted or called it quits early enough.

sadly, everyone is blinded by trying to be so supportive and anyone that makes any less than positive remark is labelled a "hater".

have no fear, Heraldlly is here

or maybe you should be fearful?

Heraldlly will be that friend to critique your startup.

the work of a startup founder is never easy and as a human, it's never easy receiving criticism for your work, especially when you put hundreds of hours into it.

but criticism is necessary for development. for growth. for improvement.

and that is why we at heraldlly will roast your startup. we will give you(the startup founder) constructive criticism where necessary and help you see where there is room for improvement.

but it's not all about criticism. we will highlight the strengths of all startups, assess the market, do a lot of comparisons and ultimately an entire review.

so we're practically highlighting every startup. that's all we're doing here.

getting your startup in front of more eyeballs at the end of the day. a win-win.

sure, we'll point out stuff we find cringe, funny or unnecessary, but that's a necessary evil to prove our point.

and of course, we will be highlighting startups and founders that we think are just killing it and doing a phenomenal Job.

So what can you expect from this newsletter?

Every week, we will highlight a few early-stage startups and review them.

we'll Introduce the startup and provide some background information, such as when it was founded and what problem it is trying to solve.

we then Roast by Providing a humorous or satirical critique of the startup, pointing out any flaws or weaknesses in its business model, product, or marketing strategy.

we then move to the review, where we provide a more serious and balanced analysis of the startup, discussing its strengths and weaknesses objectively. Consider factors such as market size, competition, barriers to entry, revenue model, and team experience. Also, compare the startup to similar ones that have emerged in the past and analyze how it differs from them.

then we'll give a speculatory Chance of Success Based on our review and comparison to past startups to rate and predict the likelihood of the startup's success. we'll assign it a rating or score in percentages. e.g." This startup has a 20% chance of success".

then we shall Conclude by Summarizing our thoughts on the startup and we invite you readers to share your own opinions or feedback.

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A Message, Challenge and Request to Founders

For those founders we'll be reviewing, this is by no means a way to shit on your startup, say mean things or spread fallacies to drive away investors or customers.

Far from it. if anything we want more people to know about your startup and this is just a straightforward, frank review of your startup. it can be hard to hear sometimes when it is not all positive, but needed.

we will try our best to be respectful when talking about your startup albeit with a humorous tone.

that being said, while we give a speculatory rating on your chances of success, it only reflects what we can see for the future of your startup based on the data we have.

90% of startups fail, so most ratings may be low anyways, but if you find yourself dissatisfied with our rating, here's the challenge we put to you:

prove us wrong.

also if your startup got reviewed all we request is you send us some cool startup swag thx xx ;)